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Health Coaching and Customized Meal Prep.

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“Studies show that if you share your goals and have someone to hold you accountable, then you are 95% more likely to succeed”-


What is a Health Coach?

As a health coach My Job is to motivate, inspire, and empower my clients to make lasting lifestyle changes, so that they can live happier and healthier lives.

Have you been trying to :

~ improve your Eating habits?

~ Set and accomplish goals?

~ Increase energy?

~ Make self care a priority in your life?

AS a health coach I have studied over 100 different dietary theories. I can help you follow a diet that has been prescribed or offer information on different meal plans and support you as you choose one that is best for you. unlike a Doctor i don’t prescribe medications but I will listen and encourage you to make healhy choices.

I understand the importance that primary foods play in you life. Primary foods are also considered to be relationships, career, exercise, and etc. We can become unbalanced in one of the primary areas of life. As you health coach I can help you discover which areas are out of balance and help you realign these areas to help you live a more fulfilling life.

I offer a six month wellness program where we will meet every two weeks in office or by phone. Each session will last 50 to 60 minutes. The program will be customized to your individual needs and our focus will be on helping you set attainable goals so that you may make this a lasting lifestyle change.

Ask me about customized meal prep services.

Call 540.420.1400 for price information and customized meal prep services.